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inverter scope

Our products have stemmed from customer needs and are designed to improve the versatility of your microscope and the quality of your images. Our products are designed to fit virtually any light microscope configuration. We can also custom design our products to fit your specific requirements.

InverterScope® objective inverter

This innovative device is a unique tool for intra-vital microscopy. It converts any inverted microscope into an upright by simultaneously changing the orientation of the objective and moving the sample off of the stage. This allows maximum flexibility in sample positioning and handling. Focusing can be done by the microscope, an objective mounted piezo device, or positioning of the sample when the objective is tilted off axis.

  • The InverterScope® objective inverter may be used on a conventional microscope as well as confocal or multi-photon laser microscopes.
  • This device allows you to perform live cell imaging with a water immersion lens on an inverted microscope system that would normally require the use of an upright microscope system.
  • Available in both a 180 degree, full inversion model or a 90 degree, right angle model.

The objective head can be positioned 360 degrees in any direction.

Please see the XYZ side stage product which is used in conjunction with the InverterScope® objective inverter.

inverter-example1Rotation Immobilizer installed on Right Sideinverter diagrams

XYZ Side Stage

If you do not already have a solution for holding and positioning your samples to the side of your microscope, this side stage is a perfect solution. It allows vertical positioning as well as coarse and fine positioning of your sample or small animal. It can be adapted with a right angle bracket for vertically positioning your stage to scan samples at 90 degrees.

    • Specifications:
  • X/Y Stage with slide holder
  • 150mm x 150mm optical platform with ¼-20 or M6 threaded holes
  • 180mm platform height adjusts to 340mm from base
  • 5kg weight capacity

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