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From custom engineering to moving your system, LSM Tech offers services unique to the laser microscope market.

We do custom integration adding the latest detector or laser technology to your existing system. Our optics upgrades and emission filter designs could greatly enhance the performance of your system. We would be happy to discuss our custom solutions with you.

Custom Integration

LSM Tech provides engineering services that enable you to utilize the newest laser technologies by providing the necessary steering, combining and filtering optics to bring the beam into your microscope.

On-site Service

For systems not covered by our convenient service agreement, we offer per-call service visits. You may call at anytime and schedule a service visit. For this service visit the customer will be charged for the service engineer’s time (including travel) as well as for any parts that may be required to service the system. During this visit and with your approval, we will also perform a preventive maintenance service, which includes a functional and alignment check.

System Moves

We provide microscope relocation services. If your system has to be moved, we can do it! Down the hall or across the country, LSM Tech can move your system and restore it to peak operating condition at its new location. The system is reinstalled and aligned to its original factory specifications.

If you are interested in service on your LSM 510, please fill out the following questionnaire and click submit to send to us for review.

What is your name?
What is your institution?
What is your email address?
Is the LSM 510 a META system?
Yes No
What is the microscope stand?
Axiovert 100M Axiovert 200M
AxioPlan 2 Imaging
What laser lines does the system have?
351/364 405 458 488
514 543 633
Does it have a UV or 2 photon laser? (Enterprise, 405, Chameleon, Tsunami, MaiTai)
What type of GUI software is it using?
What version of Windows do you presently have?
When was the system last serviced?
Is it currently under a service agreement?
Yes No
Is the system working properly now with no errors?
If no, please list errors.
Please tell us any issues or problems you have at
this time.

What is the air table size and thickness?
Does the air table have optical bench mounting holes on the entire table, and is it metric (M6) or English