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our products

our products

LSM Tech offers a variety of products for Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes and standard microscope peripherals.

Zeiss Inverted Vis/405 Confocal $66250 20200229-164344

Completely refurbished Zeiss LSM 510 3.5HW with Axiovert 200M M27 microscope.

This system has been completely tested, refurbished and comes with a 1 year warranty from LSM Tech.  Service agreements are available after sale and warranty

expiration.  Installation and training is included within 200mi of Harrisburg Pa.  This system can ship worldwide with installation. Please contact for details.

Lease this system for as little as $1500 per month!

This system includes the following:

Zeiss Axiovert  200M with M27 Objectives and nosepiece

100W Halogen lightsource

100W HBO lightsource

2 PMT detection

32Ch Meta spectral detection

1 Transmitted light PMT

Excitation lasers include 405, 458, 477,488, 514, 543, 633

Motorized condenser

Motorized X\Y Stage with software control using Zen

Zen software includes all modules: Physiology, FRET, FRAP, 3D, Topography, Macro, Multiple Time Series and Deconvolution


5x Epiplan Neofluar20200229-164334

10x EC Plan-Neofluar .3 M27

20x Plan-Apochromat .8 M27

40x C-Apochromat 1.2 UV-VIS-IR M27

100x Plan Apochromat 1.4 Oil DIC M27

Other objectives available please contact for more info.

Includes: Custom Controller For Zeiss LSM 510 Microscope. This PC Controller Replacement includes Windows 10 OS.

This will include an LGA1151 Intel Core i5 processor,  DDR4 RAM, high speed 10 Gb/s USB 3.1, USB 3.0 front ports, USB Type C, Gigabit LAN support, a 2TB data drive, a 250GB solid-state OS drive, VGA/DVI/HDMI video support, 4GB graphics card and 550 watt computer power supply. It includes an illuminated keyboard, mouse, and single 32″ High Definition monitor. This is a custom LSM Tech computer built for the Zeiss LSM 510 exclusively.

Delivery, setup and training is available.

Payment via wire transfer, University PO or Approved Company PO accepted20200229-164246

System can be hand delivered, setup with training included for a small fee for areas further than 200 mi from Harrisburg PA. 

Custom configurations available.  Please contact for more information.

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